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Y’all…life is kicking my assssssssss right now. And I’m not the only one. The world has lost its collective mind, And it’s…a lot. I mean, damn. The election….I just can’t. Police shootings, shootings of police. It’s fucking summer, so no matter what you do or where you are it’s hot as Satan’s butt crack. Clueless celebrities. Angry citizens. Marches, protests, joblessness. Bullshit jobedness. The fucked-up-but-supposedly-getting-better economy. Shit. For who? But that’s a post for another day. I’m just saying. Shit is fucked up right now. And there’s no shame in admitting that. 

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I’ve been trying to comfort myself with the thought that shit was also fucked up in the sixties, when not only were they still swinging black folks from trees, but the crackas were like “Fuck it! Malcom’s got to go. Martin’s got to go.” I don’t know. Like, it’s actually a thing that we really don’t have any leaders for them to kill in 2016, but it’s also a thing that having leaders didn’t make us accepted. Or equal. Or free. Idk. Dis tew much (see above photo).  What is we gon’ do? All I can say is Jesse Williams might want to think about hiring a bodyguard. I volunteer as tribute. IJS…
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Anyhoo…it’s been a minute since I holla’d at you peoples. My bad. I heretofore promise to update like twice a week. Maybe… you know what- let’s just play it by ear. You know I luv you. And God knows my heart. And Jesus is my homeboy….

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