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Super Negroes and the Selective Use of the “Cape”

Pay attention. There are a lot of visual aids, and there will be a quiz at the end…(well, not really about the quiz, but there are a lot of pics….)

Ok so, a couple of things have happened in the last couple of days that made me feel the need to pull out my laptop and update my oft-neglected blog.

This happened:

Then This happened:


And This happened:
And OF COURSE this happened:
And…then this:
Let’s start with the less serious “offense” first.

Twitter was all agog at this post by Ellen DeGeneres. While it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to tweet in the racial climate of today, the general consensus was/is Ellen is not a racist, and this ultra sensitivity to anything black/white related is starting to get on everybody’s nerves. And that’s not to say we don’t have a right to be sensitive, just that there are real “enemies” to the Black community, and she’s not one of them. I happen to agree. Notwithstanding arguments about white privilege, insensitivity about Black bodies, etc., I truly think there was no disrespect intended. What does, however, interest me, is the term “caping” that was used when so many Black people defended her. Keep that term in mind, because we’re going to examine it later.

So then…..
A rape case involving actor, writer, director and “Birth of a Nation” dude Nate Parker REsurfaced. I stress the “re” because conspiracy theorists love to proclaim the nefarious “media” is always “digging up shit” on Black men who are doing great things. Nah boo-boo. Not this time. This shit is public record. A simple Google search reveals all. But I’m getting ahead of myself. In 1999, Parker and his friend (now writing partner) Jean Celestine were accused of, and tried for the rape of an inebriated coed at Penn State University. Parker was acquitted, Celestine served six months. It’s worth mentioning that the young lady in question was then harassed by both “men” on campus for the remainder of her stay at Penn Sate. She attempted suicide twice. In 2012, at the age of 30, she ended her own life.
Here’s my thing. In both instances, there is so-called “caping” involved. Those who support DeGeneres are accused of coming to her rescue. Being “too forgiving”, and allowing whitey to mock our sacred blackness without holding her accountable. It’s also worth noting that Usain was not offended by the tweet, and for the most part, it was a joke (however misguided) made by someone who happens to be a comedian. Most importantly- NOBODY FUCKING DIED.
In the tweets about Nate Parker, both men and women of all races seem to agree with the fact that had the rape taken place in 2016, Parker would certainly have been convicted. The first tweet above references the fact that even though someone is acquitted, that’s not the same thing as that person being innocent. A point that we in the Black community know all too well, with the recent acquittals of ALL of the Baltimore officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death. It’s that second tweet that gets me. Now, I don’t know this man, don’t follow him. I just happened to see his ignorant, misogynistic, black-woman-hating poison scroll down my screen. And it sickened me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the type of “caping” I’m fucking tired of.
Another day, another rapist, who happens to be a Black man, who happens to be in the public eye. And here we go with the “they just trying to bring down a successful Black man” bullshit. And then there’s “it sure is funny how this mess is coming out now that his film is about to come out.” Um, it’s coming out now because people actually know his name, and that’s due to the fact that he’s become successful. Nothing was hidden. It’s not a conspiracy. I have never given one damn about Nate Parker. And given his homophobic views (which he has since “reconsidered”, apparently), I never would have been a fan of his anyway. I couldn’t give two fucks about the fact that his wife is white (there are some brothers the white women CAN HAVE, if you ask me), and I don’t care how famous, rich or how much of a “threat to white supremacy” his movie might be- a fucking rapist is a rapist is a gotdamm rapist.
Were negroes “caping” for the Baltimore cops that got off? Are they “caping” for the acquitted Zimmerman? They weren’t convicted either. Do they get a pass in our community? Nope. So why, somebody PLEASE tell me, do drugging, raping, child molesting predators get to keep the love and respect of the Black community? Because they’re on TV? Because they make music? Because they’re famous. Get.The.Fuck.Out.Of.Here.With.That.Shit.
Yeah Bill, I don’t get it either…

Why is it when women’s bodies (of any race, but especially Black women’s bodies) are violated, there needs to be videotaped (oh wait…) recorded testimony (oh, wait…) an ACTUAL fucking trial (damn, wait…) before some Black folks will believe that just because someone is talented and puts great work out into the world, they can’t possibly be a monster behind closed doors. Plenty of serial killers have been married parents, who went to church every Sunday. The Black community has always had a problem understanding that people can be more than one thing.

And let’s get this straight- I’m unapologetically, one hundred percent, all day, every day Black. But I’m sick of my people excusing sexual predators and fucked up folks just for the sake of solidarity. There is an awesome open letter to Nate Parker here that expresses the sentiments I’m trying to express in a much more eloquent way. But the long and the short of my thoughts for today- why do the Super Negroes only get to “cape” for the guilty. A person who (to my knowledge) has never harmed or raped anyone, much less indirectly caused the death of another person, is vilified for a stupid tweet, but when it’s time to take a rapist to task for their actions, those who refuse to support them are “traitors”, “puppets” and “wanna-be’s”. Please miss me with that nonsense.
And fuck it- I’ll say it: EVERYTHING IS NOT RACIST. A lot of shit is. True enough. But a lot of shit isn’t. Bad taste, maybe. Dumb to put out there in the public, probably. But there are real issues that are being overlooked and/or forgotten about because we’re boycotting the wrong shit. All up in arms about a sound byte or a tweet when there is REAL, SYSTEMIC, ACTUAL racism that needs to be addressed. How you gon’ blow up at JLO for saying “All Lives Matter” (not the best idea she ever had), but Bill Cosby, who has been accused by what is it now-nearly FIFTY women of drugging and raping them- is a “legend”, who is being “brought down” for trying to buy NBC?
All I’m saying, is that we need to apply some sort of standard to who gets our support. We need to have a family meeting. This shit is getting out of hand. Will I go see Nate Parker’s movie? Maybe. Because I don’t see what the movie has to do with him raping someone, and he’s not the only actor in the movie. But will I support him as a person and “cape” for him just because he’s Black and was acquitted? Hell no. I still occasionally watch Bill Cosby-produced shows. Whitley and Dewayne and nem weren’t the ones drugging and raping women. But do I “stand behind” Cosby because of his “legacy”? Hell no. Do what you want, but I’m not ever checking for a rapist just because he shares my skin color.
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